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Carolina Furniture Direct offers innovative coil, foam, and hybrid models from leading brands to meet your comfort and support needs. Our mattress specialists can match you to the right feel and features, with in-home delivery so you can start enjoying your new quality mattress. With a wide selection of the latest designs and budget-friendly options, find your perfect mattress at Carolina Furniture Direct.

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Adjustable Base

Adjustable Bases

An adjustable bed promotes proper circulation, provides personalized comfort settings and reduces pressure for better sleep.

Adjustable Base

Mattress & Box Springs Sets

Our sturdy boxspring foundations provide solid underlying support and a stable, complementary base for your new quality mattress.

Bed Frames

Bed Frames and Platforms

Bed frames and platforms supply necessary support for mattresses; platforms can replace box springs as a foundation.

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Back Sleeper

Back sleepers know how they like to sleep. Lying flat on the back spreads out pressure points across the body and allows the spine to straighten out. Experts recommend a Medium-Firm mattress, this allows some give that will support the lower back area to prevent back pain.

Side Sleeper

Side sleepers adopt distinct positions, either curling or remaining straight. Their shoulders, hips, and knees bear significant pressure. A Plush or Ultra Plush mattress aids spinal alignment, easing pressure points by bridging the gaps between them, promoting better night's sleep.

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleepers may seem carefree, but require a Firm mattress that minimizes sagging to prevent lower back pain and pressure on the knees. Even though a firmer surface provides less cushion overall, it properly supports spine alignment when sleeping mostly on one's stomach.

Mixed Sleeper

Changing positions while sleeping is common. Mixed sleepers should aim for a mattress with a medium firmness level. This balances the need for pressure relief on the shoulders and hips when side sleeping with enough support for your midsection when stomach sleeping.

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Discover your dream mattress at Carolina Furniture Direct. As mattress retail specialists, we provide an unmatched selection and the most cutting-edge mattress technologies to suit every preference. Browse top-rated memory foam, latex, hybrid, innerspring and adjustable air beds to find your perfect comfort level and support. Sizes from twin to California king, you're guaranteed to find a mattress tailored to your sleep style, body type and budget. Our knowledgeable mattress experts help guide you to the right bed for your needs. Bring home the difference that the ideal mattress can make when you shop our extensive selection today. Carolina Furniture Direct makes finding premium sleep easy.